Campus Map

Campus Map

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Campus Map
Blue HouseLLCCC MansionBrick HouseThe Yellow HouseMary Dooley College CenterAlumnae LibraryKeating QuadrangleMarian HallRose William HallO'Leary HallPhysical PlantFacilities Garage里昂自然与健康科学中心Berchmans HallMaguire CenterCondon FieldTimothy J. Leary FieldDevine HallSpaulding House

Blue House

  • Photo of the Blue House

A Center for Writers. Blue House (147 Grape Street) is located directly across the street from Gaylord Mansion. As the central office for Bloom, 这是学院学生办的文学杂志, Blue House serves as a hub for students interested in creative writing. 除了一个图书馆的文学期刊和书籍, 房子包括专门的写作空间, English faculty offices, and an event space for open mics, readings, workshops, and lectures by visiting scholars.

LLCCC Mansion

  • Living-Learning的外部照片, Community and Cultural Center, formerly known as Gaylord Mansion

Formerly known as Gaylord Mansion, 完全翻新的Living-Learning, Community and Cultural Center opened to students in February 2020.

A multimillion-dollar renovation transformed the historic building, which now features classroom and meeting spaces on the first floor, 还有二楼和三楼的宿舍. 符合ada标准的LLCCC可容纳11名学生, 包括到二楼的电梯, a full kitchen, laundry facilities, 节能的加热和冷却系统, smart desks, and other modern amenities.

Brick House

  • Photo of the Brick House

The Health Center and Counseling Center is located at Brick House (15 Gaylord Street).

The Yellow House

  • The Yellow House

The Yellow House houses both the Institutional Marketing and the IT Department. It is located at 35 Gaylord Street.

Mary Dooley College Center

  • Photo of Mary Dooley College Center

The Mary Dooley College Center, 以学院第六任校长的名字命名, 校园是澳门威尼斯人集团的核心吗. The Elms Cafe and dining hall, Borgia Gallery, bookstore, campus post office, and Office of Student Affairs are all located in the center. Simulation labs for the School of Nursing are located in the basement. The Office of Institutional Advancement is located on the second floor.

Alumnae Library

  • Photo of Alumnae Library

Alumnae Library is home to the newly renovated Center for Student Success, 其中包括多个计算机实验室和教室, study areas, Tutoring Services, Academic Advising, 多元化和包容办公室, Career Services, 学生住宿和支持服务(SASS). The library also houses a theater, faculty offices, 媒体中心和人文艺术系. The library is open to the public.

Keating Quadrangle

  • Photo of the Keating Quadrangle

Keating Quad is named after our seventh president, Kathleen Keating, SSJ. An outdoor patio, firepit, 草坪给学生提供了充足的活动空间, take a study break, and play games.

Marian Hall

  • Photo of Marian Hall

位于罗斯威廉大厅后面的校园边缘, 玛丽安大厅是教育部门的所在地.

Rose William Hall

  • 罗斯威廉大厅的外部照片

Our largest residence hall, Rose William is a first-year student living option. Built in 1964, it houses up to 180 students on three floors and is located right next to the college center. Men and women live on separate wings on each floor, and share a large common area and kitchen.

O'Leary Hall

  • Photo of O'Leary Hall

Built in 1922, O’Leary Hall is our oldest and one of the most familiar buildings on campus. The hall houses up to 180 upper class students with options for single, double, triple, and quad rooms on all four floors. 男人和女人住在不同的楼层. Each room has unique features, from walk-in closets, to large windows, to nine-foot ceilings. The Public Safety office is located on the first floor of the building. O’Leary also features the “Great Hall,” a large common area perfect for large group events.

Physical Plant


Facilities Garage

Maintenance storage facility


  • 里昂自然与健康科学中心的照片

The 里昂自然与健康科学中心 is a 22,000 sq. ft. facility providing students and faculty with state-of-the-art labs and resources. Fully LEED certified, 里昂中心拥有15个高科技学习空间, 10 fully-equipped science labs, and 4 student lounges.

Berchmans Hall

  • Photo of Berchmans Hall

Berchmans Hall is the main administrative building on campus. 总统办公室就设在这里, Registrar, Office of Financial Aid, Student Accounts, IT Helpdesk, Public Safety, St. Joseph Chapel, the Sr. 66年继续教育学院的Kathleen Kirley, 研究生和专业研究学院, the School of Nursing, academic division offices, Veritas Auditorium, a gymnasium, and classrooms.

Maguire Center

  • 马奎尔中心的外部照片

The Maguire Center for Fitness and Health is the college’s hub for athletics and fitness. 设有设备齐全的健身房和健身房, six-lane swimming pool (Natatorium), 100-meter track, Picknelly Arena basketball court, 以及物理治疗和培训中心, students and athletes have everything they need at their fingertips. The counseling center and athletic department offices are also located here.

Condon Field

  • Photo of Condon Field

以五届NAC年度最佳教练的名字命名, Cheryl Condon, Condon Field was recently renovated and is home to our softball team.

Timothy J. Leary Field

  • Aerial photo of Timothy J. Leary Field

Timothy J. Leary Field serves as the home field for soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse. 拥有多用途人造草坪和照明系统, the field is also open to students involved in intramurals.

Devine Hall

  • Photo of Devine Hall

Located next to the Maguire Center, Devine Hall houses 40 graduate and postbaccalaureate students. 另外还有两层的双人间, Devine has a large common room, enclosed porch, full kitchen, and laundry room.

Spaulding House

  • Photo of Spaulding House

招生办公室位于斯波尔丁楼. Campus tours are offered Monday - Friday at 10 am and 2 pm, 以及全年的特定星期六. Tours typically last two hours and include an information session, 与学生大使一起参观校园, 并有机会参观榆树书店. 我们努力使您的体验个性化, so please let us know ahead of time if you would like to meet with coaches or faculty, 或者如果你想参观校园的某个特定区域. Visit Elms!